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Safety is our priority: making safe the ski area and lifts, safety rules, children’s and beginners’ areas

Your safety is our priority

The ski area and ski lifts are designed to meet the different needs of all our customers. Thus certain pistes are adapted and made safe for children, beginners and less-experienced skiers.

To get to these areas, slow-loading chairlifts, magic carpets and draglifts for children and beginners allow you to get around easily and safely.

And thanks to the Mini-pass, you can even choose to ski only on these easy pistes and benefit from a low-cost lift pass.

Of course, all the ski runs, without exception, are made safe with netting, direction and information signs and through the work of the ski area’s ski patrollers.

For your own security, please pay attention to the information given, feel free to ask our personnel for any advice or help, and follow the safety rules.

Download the rules to respect on a ski area


THE SECURITY PATROL: For the first time in France, S3V creates  ”Security Patrols.” These teams will conduct prevention activities, information and awareness of safety on the slopes. This initiative is motivated by the desire to permanently associate pleasure of skiing and safety.


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Off-piste security

If you go off-piste you must take great care: before you set off find out about the snow pack stability and consult the weather forecast. Take into account the avalanche risk. Never go alone and inform your family. Never go without at the very least avalanche transceivers, shovel and probe and, ideally, with an airbag. Make very sure that you know how to use this equipment and, if necessary, practise using them. Prepare your itineraries and choose routes suited to your technical ability. If you are a witness of an avalanche, immediately inform the security service (ski patrollers), even if there aren’t victims, and remain available for the security service.

Skiing in the Tueda Nature Reserve - Rules